Cherry Picker Rental

So you need to rent a Cherry Picker?

Cherry pickers are a type of aerial work platform that can be used in a number of different tasks that require machinery to reach up high. They are often used to service telephone poles, paint or clean buildings, hang Christmas decorations, or affix banners. The nature of the machinery is that they are often only temporarily. That is why it is necessary to find a business that deals in Cherry Picker Rental.

There a number of different types of cherry pickers, which is why it is necessary to know your needs before you rent. There are aerial work platforms that rely on hydraulic pistons powered by gasoline or electric power. These are the closest to resembling a crane, and are often used on construction projects. Also, scissor lifts are can be used to accomplish tasks. These are  access platforms that can only move vertically. Beneath the platform, they have a criss-cross shaped supports. A specific type of brand of scissor lifts would be JLG lifts. One advantage of these types of lifts is they often have a fail-safe option for descent that does not require the unit to be powered. They can be returned to the ground via a manual release valve.

Cherry pickers are by nature temporary, and frequently need to moved from site to site, or around a single site. Therefore, they are designed for frequent movement. If you select a lift that is on the small side, often times they will have no motive mechanism. In other words, they are moved via manpower by lifting them manually, or wheeling them around. The next step up are cherry pickers that are self propelled. This is most common among scissor lifts, as they frequently will have their own means of locomotion. When large cherry pickers are used, often times they are affixed to trucks. The trucks add increased stability and easier means to transport them from one project to another.

Where can I rent one?

There are numerous places to rent a cherry picker or find out a price, but some good places to start would be:

Hertz Equipment Rental

RSC Rental

JLG Lifts: A Quick Background

When searching for a cherry picker to rent, a common choice of brands is JLG. JLG has been dedicated to delivering machinery that goes above and beyond a user’s expectations. Their product slogan is “The Power To Do More”. Within the lift and access industry, JLG lifts have been known to have had excellent service records. JLG is the world’s leading manufacturer of construction equipment, and that is why they are often a top choice when it comes to equipment rental.

JLG introduced its first cherry aerial work platform to the world in 1969, and followed that up with it’s first scissor lift four years later. These first machines still visibly resemble the cherry pickers of today, however their function has dramatically improved.

In the lase 80′s JLG patented the “Extend-A-Reach” technology that gave users improved ability in reaching up and over obstacles. This innovation pushed them forward and gave them an edge over competition. While achieving numerous advancements in the industry, JLG also suffered through some rough economic situations in the early 90s. However, towards the end of the decade, JLG recovered quite nicely and found significant revenue. In 2006, JLG was acquired by Oshkosh Truck Corp, a manufacturer of specialty vehicles.

While cherry pickers can be considered a catch all phrase for various lifts, JLG produces a wide range of access equipment. It makes mast boom lifts, trailer mounted boom lifts, telescopic boom lifts, articulating boom lifts, mast boom lifts, electric scissorlifts, rough terrain scissorlifts, stock pickers, and personal portable lifts.

There are a number of different industries that use JLG lifts. Those types of industries are agriculture, aviation, entertainment, government, heavy construction, institutional, military, warehouse, and distrubution. Their wide range of equipment choices means they can target a number of different industries. They also mean that JLG is a great choice for brand when it comes to finding the proper machine to fit the job you have to accomplish.

Types of Cherry Pickers

When someone is looking to rent a cherry picker aka aerial work platform there are numerous options you can go with. Here are some of the options with a brief description.

Articulating Manlifts are great for reach over equipment, machinery, and obstacles. For indoor jobs, it is often wise to choose an electric version. One option would be JLG lifts or Genie lifts.

Rough Terrain Scissor Lifts are often used in tricky job sites where it is necessary to work on unpaved surfaces. The wheels are better suited for potentially rocky terrain.

Straight Boom Manlifts have a boom that is mounted on a turntable that rotates 360 degrees. The boom can be moved from a extremely vertical position or all the way down into a below horizontal angle. All the while it is moving in, the work platform remains completely horizontal.

Electric Scissor Lifts are used in situations where it is not necessary to reach as high as usual, but instead it is used in times where a wide work space or high lifting capacity is important. When a worker or multiple workers need to move around a lot or they need to raise up other weighty equipment, they will often choose an electric scissor lift over other cherry pickers.

Single Manlifts are access platforms that are attached a mast usually made of aluminum that extends vertically and is attached to a steel base that can be moved around as necessary. Within this category are the subcategories of push-type and self-propelled. As the name would suggest push-type manlifts which require manual labor to move around. Self-propelled have controls to drive them around, and sometimes include tires that are non-marking to help protect finished floors.

Towable Manlifts have the advantage of easy towing to and around a work site, but also they have great capabilities of reaching up and around obstacles that block reaching elevated positions.

MEWPS: Funny Name, Serious Business

Photo by Erin Nekervis

MEWPs are a Mobile Elevated Work Platforms, which is known by the common name of  ”cherry pickers”. It can also refer to the subsets of scissor lifts and vehicle mounted booms. This form of the name is more often used in the UK, but it can be sometimes used in the US, as the industry has gone global. Also, when one refers to Cherry Picker Rental in the US, the same phrase might be used in the UK as Cherry Picker Hire. The jobs someone could need MEWPs for would often be the same around the world. The major brands that can be found in the US can also be found around the world. JLG lifts and Genie lifts are very common and are popular in a wide range of countries.